iPhone 7 Screen Repair

iPhone 7 screen repair at Sydney CBD Repair Centre

The smartphone screen is officially the most repaired component of all brands. In the case of the iPhone 7, the integrated screens have a high-quality material that offers better quality and clarity, well above many other devices. Despite this, the resistance of these screens is limited and if an iPhone suffers a blow or a fall, it can end up breaking. This makes it necessary to seek for an iPhone 7 screen replacement option that fits your budget and solves the problem.

Before going into the basics on how to make an iPhone 7 screen repair, we indicate here some damages and failures for which you may need an iPhone 7 screen repair for:

Common screen problems in an iPhone 7

  1. When the crystal of the iPhone 7 is broken or the crystallites are falling off.
  2. When the iPhone 7 screen does not display and looks black.
  3. When the screen has an internal cut that makes the LCD produce colour lines or colour changes.
  4. When the iPhone 7 screen moves alone without pressing.
  5. When the LCD doesn’t respond to touches.
  6. When the iPhone 7 screen does not brighten or you can see spots inside.

All these problems can occur in an iPhone if it is affected by a blow, a fall or by some other types of accident.

How to repair your damaged iPhone 7 screen

When the screen of your smartphone is broken it is always recommended to take it to a nearby Apple Store to fix it. This option is the best if you still have AppleCare+ (that is, if the phone still has a guaranteed coverage). It could cost you just below $50. However, you may be disconnected from your world for a few days.

In any case, when the AppleCare+ doesn’t cover your iPhone, then it can get pretty expensive – unless you’re a handyman and you dare to solve this problem on your own.

iPhone repair at Sydney CBD

Located in the heart of the Australian city, Sydney CBD Repair Centre is the No. 1 centre for iPhone 7 screen repair in Sydney.

At CBD, solutions are offered to all the aforementioned types of problems in record time. If you bring your iPhone to our technical centre, you can have the newly repaired iPhone back under an hour so you do not spend a lot of time without your device.

You may check our prices and make other enquiries on our website. If you prefer, you may also contact us to know how you can have your iPhone repaired as soon as possible.

Why Sydney CBD?

The screen change service is done with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and certified parts. In addition, this service leaves completely with the operation of Touch ID enabled. With this, you can use the fingerprint as a fingerprint recognition on your iPhone in the services that allow it. For the same reason, if you have problems with the Touch ID button, this repair is also your option to choose.

At CBD, we have highly-skilled South Korean technicians who are ready to fix your iPhone’s problems.

We are the leading service provider for iPhone repairs in Sydney.

We have cheaper prices than the official Apple service and with the same quality.

More than 47,000 satisfied customers guarantee our ability to provide a professional service with competitive prices and high quality.


Non-professional repairs, besides being dangerous, definitively invalidate the service options of the equipment, both in warranty and out of it. In addition, in many cases, it causes the home button to stop functioning partially or completely in its Touch ID functionality. There are even cases where some of the microphones, as well as the iPhone camera, are damaged.


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